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   Patterson Systems has been running Linux on our in-house computer systems for over 17 years. We have worked with most of the popular Linux distributions, and are well equipped to help you set up Linux systems for your company.  We also continue to run SCO Unix on some hardware, and support clients who have this operating system, as well as others who were struggling with Windows, and have now upgraded to Linux.
Open Source Software
   One of the first steps away from expensive, confining, proprietary software is to move to a few of the Free Open Source Software packages for office automation. Suites like Open Office, which is standard in most Linux installs, have versions available for Windows and the Mac, and can be a good introduction to FOSS.  These packages are not word-for-word copies or replicas of commercial software - they are independantly developed products that have similar methods of doing productive work. Our approach is not to look for direct feature comparison, but rather to see if the software does what you need to do to run your business. Sometimes you need to stop and ask why you do certain things in a particular way - is it because you were forced to do it that way because of the software you used ?  Or is there another way to get the results you want ?   You will be surprised at the ease of using free software.

Moving on
   Once you are comfortable with FOS Software, you can move on to Linux as a more secure and stable operating system.  No more need to buy anti-virus software updates !  No more worries about the daily news of new security holes, or the hazards of "patch Tuesday" ...   You will now have a world of new software available to you directly on line through the built-in package management systems - select the software you want, read the description, press a key, and it will be installed, ready to go - and free ! 
Increased security
    Are you worried about how much of your information is getting out onto the internet ?  Perhaps you should be !!
Here's some of it : 

     Let us help you establish better security practices, as well as complete backup routines.
    If you agree that most organizations could make better use of technology, call us. Our consultants are business oriented, with an understanding of computer technology. Their primary focus is on the successful operation of your business, not on using the latest dazzling devices or techniques. We'll sit together, discuss your business plans, and help guide your use of technology to support those plans in the most cost-effective way.
Free Systems Evaluation
    Patterson Systems would be pleased to do a free Preliminary Systems Evaluation for your business (up to 2 hours), during which we could assess your current situation, and suggest ways in which we may be of service.  Should  you decide to proceed, you will find that we provide outstanding service for reasonable and very competitive fees.
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