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   Do you want to open up new markets for your aircraft ?  Are you successful in Europe, and ready to come to the North American market ?  Would you like a worldwide sales force, with no up-front fixed cost ?  Do you have a low-volume or niche market aircraft ?   Give us a call !     You can see some of our work at our sister site:  
   Patterson Systems has over 25 years of aircraft retail sales experience. Our Sales Advisors can sell Experimental kits, LSA's, plans, and certified aircraft. They are all experienced pilots who relate well to prospects.

   Patterson Systems can provide a full range of sales support services - we design logos, set up web sites, provide email addresses and response services, design & produce brochures, price sheets, & posters, and can set up & staff booths at trade shows.  We can also do demo flights for prospects.

   Years ago, we set up, installed, and supported a financial management and manufacturing inventory system for Murphy Aircraft Mfg. Ltd. .  We then contracted to provide a sales service for their aircraft kits for over 25 years.  When the economy tightened in 2008, we set up Patterson AeroSales, which took over all sales and marketing for them, adding 2 reps in England and Australia. This involved producing a web site, email response service, brochures, magazine ads, and participating in trade shows.  In 2015, the economy had  recovered to the point where they again have an in-house marketing manager, who we now work with, while we continue to assist with sales. Since we are now no longer exclusive to Murphy, we have extra capacity to serve other companies.

     Patterson Systems would be pleased meet with you to assess your current situation, and suggest ways in which we may be of  service.  We can work on straight commission, or fixed fee plus expenses and commission - whatever works best for you !  We can also assist with designing & installing financial, CRM, and manufacturing systems, both manual & computerized, if you need to expand.
Should  you decide to proceed, you will find that we provide outstanding service for reasonable and very competitive fees.

   Bob Patterson is a Private Pilot with over 3,000 hours, incl. 1,100 gliding and 2,000+ tailwheel. Float rating, amphib, glider pilot, gliding instructor, glider aerobatics, towpilot.

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