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Our definition of consulting may differ from others:
  • We listen to your business requirements, through meetings with senior management, project managers, and front-line staff.
  • We discuss ideas, priorities, budgets, and consequences with you.
  • We recommend solutions that would work in your environment, based on fact and experience. We don't follow fads or apply bells-n-whistles solutions. We help you move from what someone thought "everyone else is doing" toward what is best for your business.
   We firmly believe that most organizations can make better use of technology. Our consultants are business oriented, and have an understanding and knowledge of computer technology, and how it can be harnessed to competitive advantage.  We'll sit together, discuss your financial, operations, and marketing plans, and help guide the use of technology to support those plans.

Free Systems Evaluation Consultation
    Patterson Systems would be pleased to do a free Preliminary Systems Evaluation for your business (up to 2 hours), during which we could assess your current situation, and suggest ways in which we may be of service.  Should  you decide to proceed, you will find that we provide outstanding service for reasonable and very competitive fees.
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