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Finding the right software

    You might be unhappy with your current accounting software. You want it to do more to help you run your business efficiently - better inventory reporting, sales analysis, production planning, etc. You have looked for a solution to your needs, but commercial software just doesn't exist, is far too expensive, or can't be made to work the way you do, and you know you can get a real competitive advantage if only you could do ...
Modifiable source code packages

   A good option is to use one of the FOSS accounting packages that come with source code, which can be customized to fit your business. There are several to choose from that are world-class in capabilities, comparable to large proprietary bundles like SAP and Oracle. We also develop accounting solutions based on SBT Accounting software, which is sold with the modifiable source code. These are not free, but inexpensive, and have several versions tailored to specific vertical businesses. All of these packages operate on database software, from FoxPro to MySQL and PostgreSQL, so custom reporting is easy.  They are usually modular, and can cover many needs, from order entry and accounts receivable to material requirements planning, and future budget planning.
Customize the software
  That's where our Software Development services come in. Customized software, crafted in a professional manner. We employ a System Development Methodology (SDM) where each phase of the project is identified and documented, in partnership with you, your managers and your end-users. When we're agreed on the approach and the objective, we proceed to develop it. Then we test it, and install it on your systems. We train your staff. We make any required modifications. Then, we support the product.
Free Systems Evaluation
    Patterson Systems would be pleased to do a free Preliminary Systems Evaluation for your business (up to 2 hours), during which we could assess your current situation, and suggest ways in which we may be of service.  Should  you decide to proceed, you will find that we provide outstanding service for reasonable and very competitive fees.

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