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Site Design
   Should your company be in need of a web presence, Patterson Systems is well equipped to help you set up a suitable site.  Whether it be a simple one page announcement, or a full-blown catalogue site, our programmers can help you get started. We have graphic artists who can create eye-catching and effective layouts, and our consultants can guide you through the challenges of setting up a web hosting account.
Curent Site Evaluation
   We can also review your current site, analyzing effectiveness, layout, Search Engine Optimization, and hosting costs, and offer an objective viewpoint for your consideration.
Increase Effectiveness
   Our consultants will work with your advertising people to tie your web promotions to printed flyers, brochures, and all the way through to business cards. We also have associates who can design and produce video presentations for web and television use.
   We believe that most organizations can make better use of technology. Our consultants are business oriented, and, while they have an understanding of computer technology, their primary focus is on the successful operation of your business, not on using the latest dazzling devices or techniques. We'll sit together, discuss your plans, and help guide your use of technology to support those plans in the most cost-effective way.
Free Systems Evaluation
    Patterson Systems would be pleased to do a free Preliminary Systems Evaluation for your business (up to 2 hours), during which we could assess your current situation, and suggest ways in which we may be of service.  Should  you decide to proceed, you will find that we provide outstanding service for reasonable and very competitive fees.
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